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CLOSED. 18 Nov. 2008
But all the memories still remain!

Name: John "Johnny" Christopher Depp
Age: 45
Occupation: Actor, most current films include the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy and Sweeney Todd. He has a couple of movies in post production and has just signed on for three more: Alice in Wonderland with best friend Tim Burton, The Lone Ranger as Tonto, and Pirates of the Carribbean 4.
Residential Location: Neuilly, France, but he also spends his free time in a house in LA, a private island in the Caribbean, and his girlfriend's place in NYC.
Current Location:Signing contracts and cashing checks in LA.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Taken by Mariska Hargitay (mmhargitay).
Kids: Lily-Rose (9) and Jack (6) with ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis. But he also considers Mariska's son, August (2) like one of his own.
Family: Father is John Depp, Mother is Betty Sue Palmer. One brother named Danny and two sisters named Christie and Debbie.
Closest Friends: Mariska Hargitay (mmhargitay. And outside of the community, Tim Burton is his best friend and partner in crime. His other best friend is Marilyn Manson.
Screenname: JohnnyDeppIsHere
Writing Style: Both
Brief History: Johnny joined the_marquee in March of 2004 when it was still known as after_celebrity. After spiliting with Vanessa, who he remains good friends with because of their children, he remained single until October 2006 when he began to date Mariska Hargitay. He knew it was love when they both posted the lyrics to the song "Ganja Babe" by Michael Franti & Spearhead. Johnny is completely devoted to Mariska even though the couple have no plans to marry in the near future. They enjoy travelling the world with the kiddies as one big happy family.

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